Your health bank account

Chiropractic is about nerve system function which all starts and ends with brain function. Your brain is the master controller of everything that happens in your body, as well as your life. Almost all of the nerves pass through the spine as they travel from the brain to the body which is why Chiropractors work with the spine. Good spine function means increased efficiency of body function which means optimal self-righting/self-healing capacity for you. And that is why we say “all healing comes from within”.

Chiropractic care is one way of making deposits into your “health bank account” so you have the resources to make withdrawals when needed.

If you make regular deposits (good nutrition, exercise, Chiropractic spine care, proper rest, etc) then you can make withdrawals (stress, neglect, over doing it, etc) when the need arises. Just like your regular bank account, if you make more withdrawals than deposits, your credit card will be rejected and you’ll get nasty letters from the bank.

Not only is this expensive, it’s inconvenient and annoying. Sickness and disease are overdrawn notices on your “health bank account”.

Low back pain? That’s an “overdrawn” notice from your body. Headaches? Credit card refusal from your “body bank”. Numbness and tingling? A penalty charge from your “body bank”.

Many people first seek Chiropractic care because they’re overdrawn. Their credit is no good anywhere in town and their health bank is levying some rather harsh fees. These penalties are a notification that they haven’t been making enough deposits to cover their withdrawals.

Getting a full audit of your health account is the first place to start. That’s the purpose of a thorough examination and assessment on your first visit. Then, you’ll probably need to make some immediate deposits into your health account to get yourself out of the red.

From there you have a choice. You can neglect your health account and suffer a relapse and more service fees later. Or, continue making deposits into your account, building up your balance and giving yourself some breathing room. And in fact, the smartest option is to open an “investment” account by continuing to make deposits, especially during the good times (even when you are thinking “I’m going great…I’m bullet proof”), that you can then call on during periods of stress.

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